Iris awakes with a shiver, having drifted off on her couch (again) curled up next to Billy (again). Normally - in late summer at least - this wouldn’t be a problem… and she wouldn’t be awake so early on a Sunday. Yes, Billy had to see his family, but not at six in the morning.

She sneezes, and opens one bleary eye. “….Billy?” She squeaks out, quietly. “Billy, s’cold. S’it jus’ me or do ye feel that….?”

Neither of them could know that outside was several feet of snow.

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    Iris makes a soft, squeaky little giddy noise and curls around her tea, making herself rather quickly at home in her new...
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    Billy snickered at Iris when she returned, but sat by the tea dutifully and let her set out the blankets. When she was...
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